Police Arrested Another Suspect In Female Student’s Murder Case


The post-mortem report reveals that unsafe abortion has claimed the life of Maryam—who was studying at Government College University….
LAHORE: Police arrested another suspect in connection with the incident of recovery of the female student’s body outside the emergency ward of a local teaching hospital, the sources said on Tuesday.

Maryam, 20-year old girl who is the resident of Gujrat, had come to Lahore Government College to get her degree. But she went to a private medical university on Raiwind road.

The sources said that the police arrested another accused Owais after suspect Usama.

The suspects left the body of Maryam outside the emergency of a teaching hospital and fled but the CCTV footage captured Owais carrying the body of the girl.

The post-mortem report revealed that the female student had allegedly died due to excessive bleeding due to an unsafe abortion. Police, however, said that the final post-mortem report would provide more facts about her death.

Police claimed to have arrested the woman involved in the unsafe abortion and her assistant in the procedure.

“We have held interrogation from the students arrested about the death of the student,” a police officer told the reporters.

The police said that the suspect who was arrested had allegedly fled along with his accomplice after leaving the body of the female student outside the emergency ward of the local teaching hospital.


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