Pakistan’s Zara Naeem breaks world record scoring highest marks in ACCA


LAHORE – Zara Naeem Dar, a student from Punjab capital city, has scored the highest marks in Financial Reporting exam conducted in December 2020.

ACCA Pakistan congratulated her on her achievement in an official tweet.

The Government of Pakistan official also commended her in an official tweet.

Ever since the official announcements, netizens are praising her. ACCA is trending on Twitter along with the hashtag #ZaraNaeem.

Zara credits her father for her achievement, who always encouraged her in making her own decisions.

‘My father is a true role model for me. I grew up seeing him reaching great heights in his military service that always inspired me to follow in his footsteps,’ she said.

She further added, “Seeing his gold medal that he was awarded his MBA made me challenge myself to live up to his legacy by dedicating myself fully to my studies.”

When asked why ACCA, she said it was the ultimate choice for her because a soldier’s family is always on the go.

“ACCA was a natural choice for me. Most military families move every few years, so I always knew I needed a qualification that ensures flexibility and offers global mobility. With over 527,000 students in nearly 179 countries studying and sitting the same exams, ACCA is the best option for those who wish to go places.”


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