Pakistan Customs to launch crackdown against smuggled cars in Balochistan


It will be launched next month….

The Pakistan Customs is going to launch a crackdown against non-custom paid vehicles in Balochistan next month, its spokesperson said Wednesday.

Officials will sweep areas from Quetta suburbs to the Pakistan-Afghanistan
border, the Pakistan Customs spokesperson said in a statement.

Action will be taken against drivers as well as showroom owners involved in the sale and purchase of these smuggled vehicles.

The crackdown is being launched on the directives of the
Ministry of Interior, according to the statement.

Customs officials will have the assistance of police,
Frontier Corps, Levies and district administrations in the operations.

These vehicles are smuggled into Balochistan via the
country’s porous border with Afghanistan and Iran. They are then smuggled into
the other parts of the country.

The practice causes Pakistan losses worth billions of rupees.