Google Maps New Feature will Allow Users to Modify Missing Road Information


Google will soon update its map editing feature to allow users to modify roads or directions available information. Google will enable users to update their maps, with a new road editing tool. Users of Google Maps will also delete incorrect information or able to add the correct information to help other users.

With this new feature, users will be allowed to re-align, rename or delete wrong road names and add missing road names. This feature will be released in over 80 countries in a few months, where users can post road updates on their maps, according to an official company blog.

How to use Editor Tool on Google Maps:

Google launched an advanced editing method for desktop maps in order to make the changes. You can simply click on the side menu button, go to ‘Edit the map,’ and select the ‘Missing Road’ option when you see a road missing from

The new experience, known as “drawing” is similar to the Microsoft paint line tool. This tool can be used to add missing roads by drawing lines, renaming roads easily, changing directions, and updating or deleting the incorrect roads. Google also allows users to notify other users that a road will be blocked with complete information such as dates, reasons, and directions in order to maximize the information and to help users. Google is not going to rely only on users, will check submitted road changes before releasing them to ensure the recommendations and edits are correct or not.

A new feature called ‘Photo updates’ soon will be enabled for Google Maps users. This new feature will allow users to exchange information about a location without a full review. Also, Google will allow users to add location images.


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