Android 12 could be arriving soon and we are excited


Android 12 features are continuing to leak, while some people are only waiting on their phones for Android 11 to come, others are looking forward to the next major upgrade to Android.

We could have our first official look at Android 12 very soon, as in the first few months of the year, Google also releases developer previews. As for the final version of Android 12, we can expect in September 2021. Initially it will be available on a limited number of handsets.

There is one thing Google has already said about the Android upgrade. The company said in a blog post that “Android 12 would make it much simpler for individuals to use other app stores on their smartphones while taking precautions not to breach the security mechanisms that Android has in place”.

The upcoming 12 may have a feature that ‘hibernates’ applications that are available but not in operation at the moment, making them less power-intensive for the handset.

We have also learned that the double-tap-on-the-back is useful for taking photos, launching Google Assistant and more, could be revived by new android update. It might be available on limited range of Google Pixel phones.

Android 9 Pie was the last time we found a nice treat to go with a new Android version in 2018, and ever since then, its been nothing but a drab with Android 10, Android 11, and we look forward and excited to experience the useful features on Android 12.


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