Indian farmer buys helicopter worth Rs300mn to sell milk


MAHARASHTRA – Indian farmer and entrepreneur Janardhan Bhoir has bought a helicopter worth Rs300 million for his dairy business.

Bhoir, a Maharashtra-based farmer said he has bought the expensive rotary-wing aircraft to help him travel across the country for his business venture.

The dairy business requires him to travel frequently, therefore he finds the helicopter best source to move in the shortest time period.

He further added that he has to travel to Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Gujrat quite often, and many places don’t have the facility of airports. He decided to purchase the helicopter at a friend’s suggestion.
Bhoir has also made arrangements to build a helipad with a protective wall on a 2.5-acre land. There will also be a garage for the helicopter, a pilot room, and a technician room.

The Indian farmer reportedly has a net worth of more than INR 100 crore. Besides farming and dairy, Janardhan also deals in the real-estate business.